With the objective of promoting networking around “Membranes & Environnement”, this page groups together the programs and learned societies identified by the Chair according to the key words :

  • Membranes for Southern Hemisphere Countries
  • Water in Southern Hemisphere Countries
  • Membranes, Water & UNESCO
  • Membranes & Processes

Many of these programs and societies support the SIMEV activities.

You know others? Do not hesitate to communicate them with us for sharing!

Membranes for Southern Hemisphere countries

AMS – African Membrane Society

Founded in 2014, the AMS is an international learned society whose members come from all major regions of Africa. Attached to the National School of Engineers Abderrahmane Baba Toure in Bamako (Mali), AMS advocates for the study and exploitation of filtration processes on the African continent around the following issues: Water, Health, Energy and Environment.

IMS – Indian Membrane Society

Founded in 1986, the IMS is made up of scientists, academicians, technologists, consultants and engineers from India and abroad engaged in the field of membranes. Objective: to provide a forum for stimulating research and disseminating information on science, technology and application of membranes and membrane separation processes.

WA-MS – World Association of Membrane Societies

The WA-MS is a collaborative framework between the three founding societies – the European Membrane Society (EMS) , the Aseanian Membrane Society (AMS) , the North American Membrane Society (NAMS) – and national and regional member societies.  Objectives: to meet global societal needs related to water, energy, resources, food, chemical and pharmaceutical production, the environment, and health services through enhancing membrane use.

Water in Southern Hemisphere countries

pS-Eau – Programme Solidarité Eau

pS-Eau is a multi-stakeholders network working for access to water and sanitation for all (SDG 6). It provides many resources online.

OIEau – International Office for Water

L’OIEau has expertise in many water-related topics and focuses on innovation for better water management in France, Europe and worldwide.

AfWA – African Water Association

The AfWA works to improve and share knowledge about water management (production processes, distribution, sanitation) from a technical, legal, administrative and economic point of view.

IWWA – Indian Water Works Association

Founded in 1968, the IWWA gathers more than 9000 professionals spread all over the country (32 centers) and abroad to improve water supply and treatment of wastewater.

IWA – International Water Association

IWA members and staff are situated in 130 countries worldwide, forming the largest international network of water professionals working towards a water wise world.

Water Webster

A portal to news and information about water today.

Membranes, Water & UNESCO

CMST – UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology

CMST’s research ranges from fundamental material development and characterization, to more applied module, system design, process operation and control.

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

IHE Delft, UNESCO centre and the largest international graduate water education facility in the world, aims to create impact on the ground by developing problem oriented researchers and knowledge.

UNESCO’s IHP – International Hydrological Program

The IHP is the only intergovernmental program of the UN system devoted to water research, water resources management, education and capacity building. Founded in 1975 and implemented in programmatic time intervals or phases, the IHP has entered its 8 phase during the period 2014-2021.

Membranes & processes

CFM – Club Français des Membranes

Created in 1996 jointly by ADEME, CEA, CNRS, EDF, IFP and INRA, the CFM is now a non-profit association which has been bringing together for more than 20 years national expertise in field of membrane processes. It is a privileged place for exchanges between researchers, industrialists and actors of technical centers. Main objectives: promote the use of membranes and facilitate the uptake of membrane processes. The CFM is open to any new membership!

IDA – International Desalination Association

The IDA is the world’s leading resource for information and professional development for the global desalination industry. IDA is committed to development and promotion of the appropriate use of desalination and desalination technology globally in water supply, water reuse, water pollution control, water purification, water treatment and other water sciences and technology.