Reuse treated wastewater in France, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria

The ANUMAB project strengthens collaborations

Marc Héran, scientific director of the Unesco SIMEV chair, is involved with our partners in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia in a new project! ANUMAB is interested in the reuse of treated wastewater.

NUmeric and Applied Mathematics Approaches for the Bioeconomy and REUSE (ANUMAB)

Funded by the key initiative, KIM, of the Montpellier University of Excellence (MUSE) project through the “KIM-Waters MUSE” program, the ANUMAB project participates in the development and strengthening collaborations around issues relating to the reuse of treated wastewater (REUSE).

The project is build first on the long-standing collaboration of SIMEV partners with its alter-egos from the Euro-Mediterranean research network TREASURE and then on the new national network REUSE INRAE.

ANUMAB is led by Jérôme Harmand (LBE, INRAE, Narbonne), Marc Héran (IEM, Montpellier Univ.), Nahla Abdellatif (ENIT-LAMSIN, Tunis), Zoubida Mghazli (Ibn Tofaïl Univ. Kénitra) et Boumediene Benyahia, Tlemcen Univ..

Today, in France, only 0.1 to 0.2% of wastewater is reused

This is much less than in Tunisia, Algeria or Morocco where there is significant know-how, with less strict standards. Depending on the country, between 50% and 70% of the water withdrawn is for agriculture. In this context, the bioeconomic approach promotes the reuse of treated wastewater. Good quality water could then be used primarily for the production of drinking water.

Therefore, ANUMAB wants to consider the entire REUSE chain and model it to seek to optimize agricultural production under health and environmental constraints.

A dynamic initiated by the SIMEV university network and expertise

The project follows on from the discussions initiated 5 years ago. Indeed, the SIMEV partners of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia were part of the Hydrogaïa international water fair. These meetings had effectively made it possible to express the desire to jointly develop an institutionalized network on the western rim of the Mediterranean.

Develop North / South / South collaborations to deepen the reuse of treated wastewater (REUSE)

ANUMAB is now strengthening collaborations on the Montpellier-Tunis-Tlemcen-Kénitra axes (France-Tunisia-Morocco-Algeria) around issues relating to REUSE.

This 18-month project will thus make it possible to unify under the banner of the UNESCO-ICIREWARD international center and the Unesco-SIMEV Chair in Montpellier the actions of Training, Research and Valorization around REUSE.