Policy paper on environmental peacebuilding

SIMEV contributes to the white paper on the Future of Peacebuilding and Environment

18 months and 200 people were necessary to contribute, to review, and develop a White Paper on the Future of Environmental Peacebuilding.

The UNESCO-SIMEV Chair has joined the initiative to share examples on how STEM can support diplomacy and peace community.

SIMEV’s policy article

The article published in the white paper is intitled  “Harnessing Science for Environmental Peacebuilding: How science diplomacy can support sustainable peace”.

It aims to continue the discussions lead during the previous editions of the Geneva peace week.

Environmental peacebuilding

Environmental peacebuilding is at the intersection of environment, conflict, peace and security.

It can be defined as all efforts made by govermental and non governmental organisations to build more peaceful relations through conflict prevention, resolution, and recovery processes including environmental dimensions.

A multi-stakeholder and policy-oriented document

Over the past 18 months, more than 200 people have come together to contribute to, review, and develop a White Paper on the Future of Environmental Peacebuilding.

This White Paper is a policy-oriented document, which has been developed through a reflective, consultative, multi-stakeholder process.

This initiative was driven by Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, PeaceNexus Foundation, and Environmental Peacebuilding Association, International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Find out the digital version of SIMEV’s article

An international coverage

Launching on 1 February at the International Conference on Environmental Peacebuilding, a special lecture will take place on the 4th.

The conference will explore the methodology and findings of the Paper, continuing to build inter-institutional collaboration and shared innovation for the field.

The objectives are to discuss the rational and relational of the environmental peacebuilding with core questions asked: What are the opportunities present for environmental peacebuilding, both within the field of practice and at international or domestic policy levels? How might we realize the agenda set forth in the paper?

50th anniversary of the 1972 Stockholm Conference

The White Paper and Compendium on the Future of Environmental Peacebuilding are timed to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Stockholm Conference, which is widely considered the birthplace of the modern environmental movement.

This white paper will also aim to deliver a strong, cogent message about the relevance, evidence, and promise of environmental peacebuilding to the UN general assembly : Stockholm+50 forum  which will take place in June 2022.

SIMEV to promote science diplomacy

The Chair is involved in the reflexion of the Geneva peacebuilding plateform by sharing its ways to prevent conflicts linked to water and in particular its treatments and access.

SIMEV’s participation to the white paper brings feedbacks and good practices on ways the chair is sharing scientific knowledge and building bridges across sectors at the local level.