An international network of technological and educational platforms

The INOV’EAU network brings together 3 technological platforms dedicated to membrane water treatment, located in Ouagadougou (Burkina-Faso), Montpellier (France), Kenitra and Rabat (Morocco). The Chair has accompanied the creation of this network and makes it work with the support of its partners.

Network creation

The project to create the INOV’EAU network was launched in 2011, thanks to the financial support of AFD. Each African platform has been equipped with 3 pilots for practical work:

  • Micro/Ultrafiltration
  • Ultrafiltration / reverse osmosis
  • Membrane bioreactor

as well as an R & D pilot

  • Micro / Ultrafiltration in Burkina Faso
  • Ultrafiltration / reverse osmosis in Morocco.

The steering of the project was ensured by a committee placed under the authority of the UNESCO SIMEV Chair and made up of institutional or industrial partners.

Main objectives


Allow students from network institutions to access appropriate resources for quality practical and theoretical training on state-of-the-art technologies


Allow the joint conduct of research activities by the member laboratories of the network (eg theses in co-supervision)

Technology transfer

Pooling technical and scientific expertise via telecommunication to promote transfer actions to companies.

INOV’EAU is now a solid network capable of ensuring the dissemination of proven technologies and methods to other states in Africa or Asia.

Burkina-Faso: fruitful scientific collaboration between IEM and 2iE

    Classes taught by IEM teacher-researchers have been running for many years at 2iE in Burkina Faso, associated with the regular reception of African trainees at the IEM. Research work has already been carried out thanks to the equipment put in place.

    Examples: 2iE wastewater treatment by lagooning. In-situ studies on real effluent: solar photo-oxidation, adsorption on plastic waste, anaerobic digestion, etc.

    Since 50 years in the service of Africa

    2iE celebrated its Golden Jubilee in December 2018. The ceremony was preceded by the defense of a second thesis co-supervised with the IEM.

    INOV’EAU + for a strengthening of the network in the Maghreb

    In Morocco, the UNESCO SIMEV Chair signed a scientific cooperation agreement with UITK and FIRMUS France in mid-July 2017 to continue and amplify the actions undertaken in the original INOV’EAU project. The parties have committed themselves in the framework of this new project “INOV’EAU +” to jointly carry out teaching activities, research, development and transfer of innovative technologies for treatment of drinking water and wastewater.

    Rencontre à Kénitra le 23 avril 2018, avec de gauche à droite : P. Magne, A. Elmidaoui, F. Zaviska, M. Taky

    François Zaviska (researcher at IEM), Pierre Magne (Firmus France), professors Azzedine Elmidaoui and Mohamed Taky (UITK) met in Kenitra in April 2018. They were able to make an inventory of the use of existing pilots together and discuss concrete actions to be implemented in order to make the best use of them.

    The opportunity also to visit the pilot station of the Al Annouar High School of Sidi Taïbi, 4 years after its inauguration.