The IET VAST – Institute of Environmental Technologies, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology – and the UNESCO Chair SIMEV are committed to support the implementation of membrane technologies in Asia.

Located between China and India, mainland South East Asia is experiencing significant economic development. It is thus confronted with the problems which very often accompany this type of expansion:

  • Issues related to the evolution of the population in relation to the new ways of life induced
  • Problems of access to the energy needed to support development
  • Control of environmental impacts: sustainable management of water and air pollution in urban centers in particular.

Regular collaborative actions since 2011

Urged by the need to address these issues and aware of the importance of properly educating the experts who will be responsible for the design and the implementation of new systems, the Institute of Environmental Technologies (IET) of the Vietnam Academy of Sciences and Technologies (VAST) and the UNESCO Chair SIMEV are committed to work in partnership to support the implementation of membrane technologies.

3 STM thematic schools have already been organized: in Hanoi (2011), HoChi Minh (2014) and Danang (2017).