Membrane Engineering inspired by Nature

October 10, 2018
Workshop organized in parallel with ISNMS, Marrakech, Morocco

With the support of the Moroccan Society of Membranes and Desalination (SMMD) and the Laboratory of Materials, Membranes and Environment of University Hassan II of Casablanca, the UNESCO SIMEV Chair and its supervisory authorities organized on 10 October 2018 a workshop dedicated to the new membrane technologies inspired by nature.

The half-day took place at the rhythm of 5 thematic presentations, followed by 2 round tables on the topics “Biomimetic Materials” and “Nature-inspired Processes”.

The workshop brought together 29 participants (excluding speakers) from Morocco (62%), France (24%), Kuwait, Lebanon and Spain.

This workshop preceded the 1st International Symposium on Nanomaterials and Membrane Sciences (ISNMS 2018).

To find the detailed program with the list of participants and read the summary of the round tables: