What upcoming thematic events?

SIMEV widely promotes international activities and events organized around the development of membrane technologies and their applications for sustainable development.

MEMBRANES Congresses


The African Membrane Society (AMS) organizes its International Congress every 2 years.


The World Association of Membrane Societies (WA-MS) organizes its International Congress on Membranes and Membran Processes (ICOM) every 3 years. The 12th edition will take place in London in 2020. Read more


The European Membrane Society (EMS) organizes the Euromembrane conference every 3 years. Euromembrane2018 took place in Valencia (Spain).

And others…

WATER & Membranes Congresses

The International Water Association (IWA) regularly supports and organizes conferences dedicated to the treatment and reuse of water in relation to membrane technologies.


The African Ministers’ Council On Water (AMCOW) is at the initiative of the AFRICASAN Congress to promote the prioritization of sanitation and hygiene in Africa. AFRICASAN 5 was held in Cape Town (South Africa) in February 2019. Learn more