MOROCCO: Water treatment pilot plant using membrane technologies and renewable energies

Quality water obtained thanks to an energy mix

The companies BELECTRIC France (production and storage of photovoltaic energy) and FIRMUS France (water treatment by membrane techniques) decided in 2012 to join forces to set up a water treatment plant using membrane technology with photovoltaic energy. . Monaco-based COMODOS has also been used to develop wind turbines.

These companies were able to rely on the network of the SIMEV Chair, which proposed to set up the station in Morocco in partnership with the Ibn Tofail University. The installation took place at the Al Anouar High School in Sidi Taïbi to provide drinking water for the establishment and cover part of its electricity needs.

An exemplary station

In addition to its social component, this autonomous unit established in 2014 is a research and training platform for local teachers and students. The Chair continues to follow this project, along with the animation of the network of INOV’EAU technological platforms.

A project with many contributions

The 3 companies behind this initiative invested € 97,000 in equity to develop the pilot. Sponsored by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the project has received financial support from the Crédit Agricole Solidarité et Développement Foundation, the SMA Company (Inverters) and the LR Region.

The BAURES (container air-conditioning) and ADIWATT (photovoltaic panel structure) companies provided equipment free of charge. The TERRAFIX companies (screw piles and pile driving machinery) and LAUDE (container cladding) supplied material at cost price.