Project “Clean affordable water for africa” : a dynamic partnership remobilisable

General objective of the project

Improve access to clean water and help address important health challenges that hinder development in West Africa

Total budget requested

3 million euros


This project, designed to build a bridge between Europe and West Africa, was based on a consortium of 12 partners, universities and industry. The editing of this project has benefited in part from the experience and network of the UNESCO Chair SIMEV (in particular with the support of AFD), and from the expertise of European projects. EMH – European Membrane House.

The UNESCO SIMEV Chair was associated with the project through a monitoring and follow-up structure. 2 members of the Chair network, 2iE and Aclaira, were listed as partners.

Main stages of the project submission

On this two-stage call for tenders, 106 projects were submitted in April 2015. Thirty were selected at the end of the first stage (June 2015), including CAWA. In the end only 5-6 were selected for funding and unfortunately CAWA was not part of it.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been kept informed of the preparation and preparation of this dossier, via the National Contact Point (International Affairs) of Horizon 2020 which is one of its officials.