The Chair interviewed by the Eco Radio

Podcast published on July 5, 2019 – Eco Radio (FR)

What is a UNESCO Chair? What does SIMEV mean? What link(s) with the UNESCO associated schools network?

Mathilde BOUCHER, SIMEV communication officer, and Loubna KARFANE-ATFANE, member of the expert council of the Chair, answered Lohann’s questions in a new issue of the program ” Discovering UNESCO” on Eco Radio (in French).

New partnership for the SDGs

This podcast results from the collaboration between the members of the UNESCO SIMEV Chair and the students of the Vincent Van Gogh secondary school of Blénod-les-Pont-à-Mousson, UNESCO Associated School (member of ASPnet).

It was following its collaboration activities with the Lycée Jean-Baptiste Dumas (Alès), another member of ASPnet, that the UNESCO Chair SIMEV was contacted by Eco Radio.

The success of the ECODAY 2019 was then the subject of a video made in partnership with Olivier Stock, physics-chemistry teacher at Vincent Van Gogh, national ASPnet facilitator and supervisor of the Eco Radio team.

A new and fruitful partnership that has resulted in the creation of an original communication medium for the Sustainable Development Goals!

Eco Radio, the 100% sustainable web-radio

Vincent Van Gogh Secondary School students are leading a 100% sustainable web radio: Eco Radio. All their programs are linked to the SDGs, with a particular focus on climate change. They collaborate with UN News radio on international days.

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