Maintain and strengthen relations with Mexico

The IEM is hosting Dr Victor Pérez Moreno

September 2019 – June 2020

Researcher at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro, Victor Pérez Moreno is hosted for one year at the IEM, support laboratory of the UNESCO Chair SIMEV. José Sanchez-Marcano is his local contact.

Victor Pérez M. develops his work on water treatment. A good opportunity to deepen the collaboration that the Chair and the ENSCM initiated with Mexico !

A Franco-Mexican career path

With a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering (IPN – Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico), Victor Pérez M. obtained his doctorate in chemistry at the University Claude Bernard of Lyon. He is today a teacher and researcher at the Faculty of Chemistry of the Universidad Autonoma de Querétaro (Mexico). He leads the academic staff “Environmental impact and sustainable development” and coordinates the drinking water production lab “AGUAQ”.

Concrete projects to improve water quality

Victor Pérez M. works in particular on the development of materials for water treatment by membrane technologies and has already been responsible for several projects:

  • Preparation and characterization of membranes to reduce the amount of lead or other metals present in water (ceramic membranes impregnated with chitosan, membranes based on natural Mexican zeolites)
  • Development of microporous membranes to reduce the hardness of water
  • Wastewater treatment in land and air transport
  • Desalination (modified ceramic membranes, membrane reactor)

His presence at the IEM for one year allows the deep sharing of experiences with the scientific community of Montpellier. By consolidating existing links (e.g. 13th STM school, 2011), this exchange opens doors to new collaborative projects in response to concrete needs.

To go further

Sociedad Mexicana de Ciencia y Tecnología de Membranas, A.C.

Since 2008, the Mexican Society of Membrane Science and Technology gathers researchers, academics and technologists working in the field of membrane technologies and their multiple fields of applications.

The 8th national congress was held in June 2019.