Desalination project in Lebanon

January 2019: first technical feasibility mission

The new collaborations initiated during the STM SIMEV school organized in Beirut (December 2017) allowed us to identify local desalination needs. The UNESCO SIMEV Chair provided financial support for organizing a first technical feasibility mission, from 28 to 31 January 2019, which clarified the context and considered the most appropriate solutions.

A promising multi-stakeholder partnership

Since the STM SIMEV school, the Water Solidarity Programme in Lebanon (pS-Eau – LEWAP platform) has been actively involved in promoting the partnership dynamics initiated. A first intervention area was identified in close collaboration with the NGO ACTED.

André Deratani and Sana Gassara, researchers at the IEM and members of the expert council of the UNESCO SIMEV Chair, joined at the end of January pS-Eau and ACTED to share their expertise in the field of water treatment. They assisted in the analysis of needs and the definition of possible solutions, in close collaboration with the company MASCARA NT, specialized in innovative water treatment solutions using renewable energy to produce drinking water at an affordable price for everyone.

Rich meetings to clarify needs and consider solutions

Claire Papin-Stammose (pS-Eau), Tristan Ledelliou (MASCARA NT), Ciara Noone and Wassim Moukarzel (ACTED) as well as André Deratani and Sana Gassara (IEM-SIMEV) were received on 29 January by Mr. Jean Gebran, CEO of the Establishment of the Water of Beirut & Mount Lebanon (EBML), accompanied by his advisor Mr. Antoine Zoghby. The first contact established with Mr Gebran in Lyon in November 2018 during the pS-Eau workshop “Water and Sanitation in Lebanon” facilitated this meeting.

The discussions helped to share the existence of other candidate sites for the installation of a desalination station, identified by the EBML. The Lebanese consultancy office UpLoad was invited to join a field visit, in order to better support the implementation of the envisaged solutions.

The detailed report of this feasibility mission will provide the EBML as well as the partners a solid basis to discuss the methods and means available for the implementation of adapted desalination project(s).

New ideas for collaboration with the Lebanese University

André Deratani and Sana Gassara (IEM-SIMEV) also had the opportunity to meet again Prof. Ziad Hero and Dr. Claude Daou at the Lebanese University, with whom the STM SIMEV school “New Technologies of Water Treatment adapted to Southern Hemisphere countries” was organized in December 2017.

One year after the STM school, this meeting has been a good opportunity to discuss new concrete ways of collaboration, with for example the idea of installing a pedagogical filtration station capable of eliminating the pathogens sometimes found in the drinking water network from the University.