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Philippe MIELE       Prof. Marc HERAN

Development & Communication Officer

Héléa Khaizourane
Pôle Chimie MUSE


Catherine Scognamiglio

Council of Strategic Monitoring and Orientation (CSOS)

The CSOS is composed of members from the academic world, civil society and industry. It meets annually to review the activities conducted by the Chair and sets priorities for the coming year.

The members of the CSOS are currently from : ENSCM, IEM, University of Montpellier, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, French National Commission for UNESCO, Inter-Academic Group for Development, Montpellier City Hall, Aqua Valley, IM2E, Firmus France and Aclaira.

Expert council

SIMEV strongly relies on experts from the European institute of membranes, who are ready to get involved in the activities of the Chair.

Network of international partners

SIMEV brings together more than 20 international institutions, working in collaboration with technical and social actors in the field (Europe, the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Asia)


Stéphanie Hernandez

Webmaster & editorial support

Mathilde Boucher