“Building peace in the minds of men through Education, Science, Culture and Communication” (UNESCO)

To carry out its operations, the Chair relies on its network of international experts.


Develop education and knowledges

In order to promote access to quality education and initiate new concrete collaborations, SIMEV organizes annually STM thematic schools “Science and Membrane Technology”.

The Chair supports and participates in parallel to workshops/conferences related to its theme.

The collaboration with the “Lycée Technologique Jean-Baptiste Dumas”, member of the network of schools associated with UNESCO, also reinforces the links between higher and secondary education.

SIMEV also supports the development of innovative training tools internationally, around membrane technologies.


Foster the emergence of projects

SIMEV relies on its network of international partners to respond to the challenges of sustainable development, through the application of membrane technologies coupled with the use of renewable energies.

In particular, the projects supported by the Chair will improve access to drinking water and sanitation.


Building bridges between the academic world, policy makers, industrial and social actors

The chair brings together and makes available the main publications related to its missions. It contributes to the diffusion of news about “Membranes and Environment” through its presence on social networks.

In order to broaden and promote network activities, SIMEV also shares its knowledge of the main actors involved and the calendar of their events.

The monitoring of the Chair activities is facilitated by the publication of a quarterly newsletter and an annual activity report.