FGWRS recycles grey waters for the 2020 Roland Garros Championship

The FGWRS society, SIMEV’s partner, installed its greywater recycling device in the technical room of the Jean Bouin tennis court. First time in France !

Recycling grey waters contributes to the preservation of drinkable water resources

The French Tennis Federation furnished the training facility for the Roland Garros Championship. Since Sept. 20th, every single player showering in a locker room of the Jean Bouin training facility is engaging with water resource preservation. The used water is indeed recycled thanks to the technology developed by FGWRS. This recycled water is currently replacing the drinkable water that is normally used for flushing in the locker rooms toilets.

The FGWRS technology is backed up by 15 years of experience gathered in the Antarctic research station Concordia where the system has been running ever since, with no technical or health incident reported.

Home station, Jean Bouin training facility

A potential solution for discharge treatment in southern countries

FGWRS, a Monaco-based start-up, commercializes its efficient greywater recycling systems for individual, collective housing and hotels. This process contributes to the preservation of drinkable water resources by recycling 80% of grey waters, and directing them towards the toilet flush, showers and washing machines. FIRMUS, based in Clermont-l’Hérault (Occitanie, France) holds the know-how and technical expertise, at the disposal of FGWRS.

The mission of FIRMUS is to: treat, purify, separate, andrecycle water and effluents.

FIRMUS is a privileged partner of the UNESCO SIMEV chair, particularly involved in the project of Model Desalination and Denitration Station in Morocco Morocco.